Dedicated Timer

Use Large On Screen buttons or External Volume Buttons for 'eyes free' control of Timer.

Start and Stop Timer at pre-determined gait distance.

Collect multiple Time Trials while walking your patient.


Quick Results

Press one button to calculate your patient's gait speed for each of the Time Trials collected.

Gait Speed result displayed for each collected Time Trial.


Patient History

Easily assess all your patients gait speed results.

Patient's Results are identified by a Time Stamp in the History Page to allow easy identification.

user setting screen shot

Customizable Features


Password Protection

Identifying Patient Information can be secured by a 4 digit passcode.


Edit Patient Information

Patient information can be edited to identify your patients. The edited patient information is stored in Patient Information page which can be password protected.

User Settings

User Settings

Default Distance can be customized in the User Settings to allow less time to set. This allows the user to use a distance that has been marked and identified for Gait Speed testing.


Store Data in the Cloud

Securely save data in the Cloud